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    Issue 47 - 1st November 2022 🍷

    Your November 1st Issue is FREE to DOWNLOAD HERE - CHEERS!
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    Issue 46 - 15th October 2022 🍷

    Your FREE Issue 46 is available to download HERE!
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    Issue 45 - 1st October 2022 🍷

    Your FREE ISSUE 45, is available to download HERE
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    Issue 44 - 15th September 2022 🍷

    Download the FULL FREE Issue HERE - Cheers! We were deeply saddened to learn the news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We join with the rest of the nation and the Commonwealth in mourning the loss of our monarch who served us all with such dignity, warmth and kindness for more...
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    Issue 43 - 1st September 2022

    Download the FULL FREE Issue HERE - Cheers CONTENTS UK: Climate Change to unlock English red wine potential study says WineGB looks to capitalise on rising sales Europe's 2022 vintage a taste of things to come Oz Clarke OBE's English Wine Revised Edition out now! English wine producer in Kent...
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    Issue 42 - 15th August 2022 🍷

    ISSUE 42 is available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE!
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    Viti-Culture 2022 HEADLINE SEMINAR on 'Economic Sustainability' - PRESENTATION

    HEADLINE SEMINAR on 'Economic Sustainability' with Stephen Skelton MW, Richard Bampfield, Matt Strugnell from Ridgeview and Jo Cowderoy from Vinescapes tackled a variety of issues facing those involved in the process of making wine in the current economic and environmental climate. AVAILABLE HERE
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    What I’ve learned from the best winemakers at IWC 2022 See who the potential Winemakers of the Year are – and what they do to make their wines so great… The list of winemakers vying for the International Wine Challenge’s coveted Winemaker of the Year titles have been released. Here...
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    Issue 38 - 15th June 2022 🍷

    Your FREE Viti-Culture eBulletin is available to DOWNLOAD HERE - Cheers! CONTENTS Viti-Culture Live - THE HIGHLIGHTS! Exhibitors, Seminars, Wine Tasting Sessions and Sabrage UK: Gusbourne Nearly Doubles its Revenue Airbnb Introduces new 'Vineyard' Category Tasting: Liber Pater, the World's...
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    Issue 37 - 1st June 2022 🍷

    ISSUE 37 is OUT NOW and is FREE TO DOWNLOAD by clicking the link HERE - Cheers! CONTENTS Viti-Culture Live - NEXT THURSDAY - Links to tickets, The Show Preview, Wine Tasting Session Information and more! UK: Decanter's Best English rosés for the Platinum Jubilee UK: Bolney Wine Estate...
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    Issue 36 - 15th May 2022 🍷

    To download the FULL FREE eBulletin, please click HERE
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    Issue 35 - 1st May 2022 🍷

    To Download the FULL Issue PLEASE CLICK HERE
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    Issue 34 - 15th April 2022 🍷

    FREE to download - please click HERE
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    Issue 33 - 1st April 2022 🍷

    To download the full eBulletin for FREE - please click HERE CONTENTS Viti-Culture Live - Limited exhibitor space now available - don't miss out! Wine Unites for Ukraine French vintners Buy Wineries from sanctioned Russian oligarch Texas vineyard owners file lawsuit over herbicide drift The IMW...
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    Issue 32 - 15th March 2022 🍷

    To download the FULL, FREE Issue - CLICK HERE
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    Issue 31 - 1st March 2022 🍷

    To Download your FREE eBulletin, please CLICK HERE
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    Registrations of interest open for Ferovinum 2022 Sabrage Showdown at Viti-Culture Live!

    REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Registrations of interest open for Ferovinum 2022 Sabrage Showdown at Viti-Culture Live! Following the huge success of last year's Ferovinum sabrage showdown, hosted at the annual Viticulture live event, we are pleased to announce registrations for this year's event are...
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    Looking for grapes or wine to expand or establish your brand? Or looking to sell some excess grapes; bulk wine pre-harvest; or some bottled stock to improve your cashflow? These are common problems for vineyards, wineries and brands the world over. And whilst the WineGB forum provides a way of...
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    SENSORS TO MONITOR GRAPES WILL PROTECT VINEYARDS FROM CLIMATE CHANGE New technology has been invented to provide winegrowers with water and nutrient readings that can sense when a vine is in need of attention. It takes 109 litres of water to produce one 125 millilitre glass of wine...
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    WHAT DOES 'DELICATE INFUSION' MEAN IN PRACTICE? Infusion: “the act of adding one thing to another to make it stronger or better” Infusion is a descriptor that’s been cropping up a lot recently in conversations with winemakers, so when I heard Axel Heinz describe the winemaking behind...

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